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Review in Current Opinion Biomedical Engineering

Review in Current Opinion Biomedical Engineering

An end-user perspective on Organ-on-a-Chip: Assays and usability aspects

Overview of usability aspects and assays in Organs-on-Chips

The field of Organ-on-a-Chip is rapidly shifting from academic proof-of-concept studies to real-world solutions. The challenge is now to enhance end-user adoption by improving user friendliness, compatibility, assay ability and product readiness of these solutions. This review evaluates Organ-on-a-Chip efforts published over the last two years in light of such end-user adoption aspects. Elegant platforms have been reported including a microtiter plate-based 3D cell culture platform and a platform of cantilevers with integrated gauge sensors for contractility measurement. Also functional assays for angiogenesis, calcium imaging of neurons and neuro-muscular contractility were reported. Compatibility with standard analysis techniques such as sequencing, fluorescent activated cell sorting and mass spectrometry were reported only in rare cases. It is concluded that the elements that enable the leap towards end-user adoption are in place, but only few systems have managed to incorporate all aspects, and are able to answer biological questions.

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