Paper on 3D neuronal models in Nature Scientific Reports

Paper on 3D neuronal models in Nature Scientific Reports

High-throughput compound evaluation on 3D networks of neurons and glia in a microfluidic platform

A co-culture in OrganoPlates® of mature iCell® neurons (β3-tubulin) and astrocytes (GFAP) at day 14

In this article we present high-throughput evaluation of pharmaceutical compounds on 3D networks of neurons and glia in a microfluidic platform. Using various cell types, we show that the platform is compatible with long-term differentiation of neural stem cells and progenitor cells, as well as short-term culture of terminally differentiated cells that can be mixed in defined ratios. Functional neuronal networks are formed in a robust and time-efficient manner, and assays can be performed within seven days after cell seeding. The 3D ECM-embedded neuronal networks are amenable to a wide range of real-time and end-point assays, including calcium imaging, neurite outgrowth, and cell viability. The user-friendliness of the platform and its compatibility with standard laboratory equipment unlocks the full potential of 3D CNS models for compound screening and evaluation purposes. Finally, using patient-derived iPSCs, this method may be used for personalized medicine selection to improve treatment of common diseases of the central nervous system.

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