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In Nature Communications: gut-on-a-chip in high throughput

In Nature Communications: gut-on-a-chip in high throughput

Leak-tight intestinal tubules to study toxicology, transport, and disease

Leiden, August 15, 2017. Organ-on-a-Chip company MIMETAS, in collaboration with pharmaceutical company Roche, developed an Organ-on-a-Chip system that allows for screening of perfused 3D gut tubes in a high throughput fashion. The results of this research are now published in the leading scientific journal Nature Communications.

The largest Organ-on-a-Chip dataset ever published

Gut-on-a-chip immunofluorescence image

Scientists at MIMETAS and Roche used the OrganoPlate® to grow over 350 perfused gut tubes that formed polarized and leak-tight structures in only 4 days of culture. The intestinal tubes showed increased expression of specific transporters and receptors that represent in vivo characteristics. Assessing intestinal barrier function in real-time using automated microscopy yielded over 20,000 data points, making this the largest Organ-on-a-Chip dataset ever published. The gut model lends itself to study toxicology, transport, and disease, as well as for fundamental research on the intestinal barrier.

In this publication, MIMETAS demonstrates the feasibility of perfused 3D tubes in high throughput, without artificial membranes, enabling scientists to study intestinal biology in an unprecedented way.

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