The MIMETAS Perfusion Rocker Mini

Perfusion Rocker Mini

Perfusion Rocker Mini

The Perfusion Rocker™ Mini provides a continuous medium flow in the OrganoPlate® with minimal settings required. Perfusion Rockers™ feature optimized angles, time settings and programs for use with the OrganoPlate®, in contrast to ordinary continuous see-saw rockers. The Perfusion Rocker™ Mini accomodates 2 stacks of plates. The Perfusion Rocker™ Maxi for 4 stacks of plates is available on request. Both versions are suitable for use in tissue culture incubators.

The MIMETAS Perfusion Rocker Mini

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Perfusion Rockers™ are available as single units. We ship worldwide.

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Medium perfusion (flow) in the OrganoPlate® is established by passive leveling of liquids. The perfusion can be maintained indefinitely by placing the OrganoPlate® on a MIMETAS Perfusion Rocker™. This customized rocker platform fits easily in an incubator and enables interval rocking (switching sides every 5-15 minutes), as well as adjustable rocking angles.

Minimal settings are required for pump- and tube-free perfusion in OrganoPlates®. Perfusion Rockers™ feature optimized time- and angle settings and programs for use with OrganoPlates®. The Perfusion Rocker comes in two versions: Perfusion Rocker™ Mini for 2 stacks of plates and the Perfusion Rocker™Maxi for 4 stacks of plates. Both versions are suitable for use in standard tissue culture incubators, the Perfusion Rocker™ Maxi is available on request.

Do I really need a Perfusion Rocker?

We strongly advise to use a MIMETAS Perfusion Rocker™ Mini to optimally control the perfusion flow in OrganoPlates®. The Perfusion Rocker™ allows for detailed programming of an intermitting rocking action. For evaluation purposes a standard continuous rocker platform (see-saw) can be used. First check with your supplier if your rocker platform is suitable for use in cell culture incubators.

For some applications, for example neuronal cell culture, we advise not to perfuse the tissues. For these applications, a MIMETAS Perfusion Rocker™ is not required.