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Mimetas OrganoTeer

Mimetas OrganoTEER® combined with the OrganoPlate® allows you to measure epithelial barrier function in real-time leaving your cells intact. You just click a button.

With OrganoTEER you can accurately and repeatedly evaluate epithelial functions, leaving your cells intact and without the interference of artificial membranes.

No more messing about with electrodes or labeled compounds that destroy your samples.

You just place the device on your tissue models grown in OrganoPlates, and you can obtain TEER values from all your samples in real-time even under flow conditions, just with the click of a button.

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User-friendly software will help you make sense of the generated data, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.

Since your cells are not damaged, you can perform long term time-lapse studies or just proceed with further experiments.

Assessing barrier function doesn't have to take an entire day, OrganoTEER allows you to focus on the experiments that matter.

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  • Rapid barrier function assessment
  • Time lapse measurements
  • Advanced analysis software
  • Compatible with the OrganoPlate


Mimetas OrganoTEER software screenshots
  • Measures TEER of up to 40 samples at once in under a minute
  • Does not require fixation, staining, or labeled compounds
  • Does not damage your cells so that you can reuse them for further studies
  • Obtain as many timepoints as you wish
  • Easily fits into any laminar flow hood or incubator for long term experiments
  • Accurate real-time readings; easy to analyze with intuitive software
  • User-friendly and easy to maintain


  • Assess endothelial and epithelial barrier function of 3D tissue models at high-throughput
  • Evaluate toxicity effects of compound libraries in high-throughput
  • Suitable for research in blood-brain-barrier, gut (e.g. Caco-2), vasculature, kidney, …and wherever you want to study the properties of a biological barrier*

* for vasculature applications, please contact us to see whether OrganoTEER is suitable for your specific needs

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