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OrganoPlate® Graft

OrganoPlate® Graft

The OrganoPlate Graft®

The OrganoPlate® Graft is the first in vitro cell culture platform that allows vascularization of 3D tissues like spheroids, organoids, and tumors in vitro.

The OrganoPlate® Graft incorporates the unique technology developed by MIMETAS to grow functional microvessels in a chip to create a microvascular bed.

Tissue placed onto this bed is connected to the system of human blood vessels, achieving in vitro vascularization. This uniquely facilitates perfusion of the tissue and allows drug administration through the vasculature.

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Features and Benefits

Benefits of OrganoPlate Graft
Features of OrganoPlate Graft
  • Vascularized 3D tissues
    • Internal perfusion of solid tissue samples
    • Add perfusable human vasculature to your tissue models
    • Recreate sophisticated microenvironments
  • Multiple tissue sources
    • Organoids, tumor explants, spheroids and more
  • Pump-free perfused vessels
    • Hassle-free, low investment
  • Apical and basal access to vessels
    • A wide range of biological applications
    • Direct access to your vascularized material

Furthermore, the OrganoPlate Graft comes in a microtiter plate format. For you, this means compatibility with all your lab equipment and easiness in starting using it. The microscopy grade glass bottom allows you to capture images of the highest quality, and because no PDMS is used to make the chips, compounds absorption will stay minimal.

Each plate has 64 individually adressable chips, allowing for a higher throughput in your experiments.

Supported Tissue Models

Kidney organoids in the OrganoPlate Graft®

Functional blood vessels are a vital connecting structure inside the body (‘in vivo’). This aspect is lacking in all the currently available in vitro cell culture techniques, until now.

The OrganoPlate Graft is made for grafting tissues to a vascular bed.  You can achieve this in three three steps:

  1. Grow blood vessels
  2. Grow vascular bed
  3. Place tissue on vascular bed

This product can be used for vascularization studies of tissues (organoids, spheroids, and PDX material) in areas such as oncology, toxicology, 

Vascularized Cancer Tissue

Ovary and breast cancer explants

You can mimic the tumor microenvironment in vitro by grafting (PDX) tumor tissue in a 3D natural tissue environment. A well-defined co-culture system can include vasculature, and 2 to 3 main components of the tumor microenvironment to increase the physiological relevance of the model.

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Get Started

The OrganoPlate Graft is now available. There is limited availability, be quick to be one of the first to use this product.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 848429 and Interreg, project Biomat on microfluidic chip 433.