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Custom model development

Custom model development

We develop healthy and diseased organ models that are tailored to your needs. In close collaboration, we combine your specific biological knowledge and questions with our biological model expertise, know-how on OrganoPlates® and assays to develop unique models for drug development and evaluation. 

Model development projects are typically followed by a technology transfer process, including on-site training and support. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to perform drug development, efficacy and toxicity studies on OrganoPlate® models in your laboratory facilities. We will provide unwavering support to ensure efficient progress of the project and to establish effective communication throughout.

In keeping with our high performance standards, we aim to foster effective collaborations and good working relationships. We value customer satisfaction and believe that our OrganoPlate® models will help to improve and accelerate your studies on disease mechanisms, drug discovery and development. We look forward to working with you.


Collaboration models

For custom model development we work with a combination of co-development, fee-for-service and licensing models. For more information, please go to our contact form or call us.

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