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Goodbye Flat Biology Berlin

Goodbye Flat Biology Berlin

Advancing 3D-based Models for Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery

November 10 - 13, Berlin, Germany

Cancer development and spread involve complex processes that cannot be modelled for basic or translational science using conventional 2D cultures of tumour cells. Concerted multidisciplinary efforts to improve experimental systems have led to the emergence of novel approaches involving 3D culture formats and bioengineered materials that more accurately reflect the biochemical, spatial and mechanical properties of tumours in their tissue environment. The 4th edition of this highly successful conference will focus on the latest advances in 3D-based cellular models and emerging topics in the areas of cell architecture, mechanobiology, the immune microenvironment, high level imaging and high-content analysis for cancer therapeutics. The conference format is designed to encourage networking in order to develop approaches that translate to outcomes.

Meet us at the following presentation:

  • 'Modelling the tumor microenvironment on-a-chip' by Henriette Lanz

Monday, November 11, 09:30 - 10:00

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