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3D Tissue Models Summit 2019 Boston

3D Tissue Models Summit 2019 Boston

Enhancing the Predictive Confidence of Models-Based Research from Discovery & Development

September 4 - 6, 2019, Boston, MA

The PREDiCT: 4th Annual 3D Tissue Models Summit will showcase the latest case studies to clarify context of use behind current model selection to advance the success of preclinical drug discovery and disease translation. This year, join us for the latest insight into established validation techniques to increase reproducibility and improve the preclinical effectiveness of drug candidates. More than 25 world-leading experts from organizations including the FDA, NIH, and IQ Consortia across 3 days will give insight into how the key industry partnerships are supporting the development of organoid and tissue-on-chip technology, enhancing the therapeutic success of your preclinical pipeline.

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