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3D Oncology & Tissue Models Summit

3D Oncology & Tissue Models Summit

Adoption & Commercialization of 3D Models in Drug Development

September 30 - October 1

The 5th edition PREDiCT: 3D Oncology & Tissue Models Summit will return this September, with defined tracks and a fresh speaker line-up, bringing together preclinical scientists to discuss adoption and commercialization of 3D models as an integral part of drug development study. The completely online meeting will feature over 30+ senior Preclinical Scientists from oncology to cardiovascular to musculoskeletal and CNS backgrounds, to share their latest data and lessons learned from clinically translatable 3D models to disease modeling of mechanisms, to attempting complex multi-cellular/organ systems to boost our understanding of functionality and physiological relevancy. 

Check out our presentation:

  • 'High-throughput Organ-on-a-Chip platform for disease modeling and therapeutic screening' by Jos Joore

    Thursday, October 1, 11.30am (EST) 

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