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18th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2017 Berlin

18th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2017 Berlin

The latest trends, updates and modalities in molecule drug discovery.

18th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2017 Berlin

June 12 - 13, 2017, Berlin, Germany

The 18th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit will take place at the Hotel Palace in Berlin, Germany. The summit brings together the key opinion leaders and senior industry experts in drug discovery, to discuss the latest innovative discovery strategies in different therapeutic areas as well as the most effective enabling technologies and solutions.

The programme will focus on the latest trends, updates and modalities in small and large molecule drug discovery. There are two designed streams organised around key presentations in validating novel drug targets and improving lead optimisation in different therapeutic areas; including Immuno-Therapy, Autoimmune, Oncology, Inflammatory, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases. The other new streams will address the most innovative assay development and screening paradigms. Approaches in screening including Phenotypic screening, target-based as well as RNAi screening methods will be covered. The programme also brings the top open innovation companies together, and discussions on how best to approach effective partnerships and collaborations will take place over the 2 days.

During the conference the following topics will be covered by an expert panel of speakers:

  • Drug Discovery Innovation and Strategies, Enabling Technologies
  • Novel Drug Target Discovery for Immuno-Therapy, Autoimmune Diseases and Oncology
  • Successful Phenotypic Drug Discovery: High Content Screening
  • RNAi Screening, Cancer Genomics and Gene Editing for Drug Discovery
  • Discovery Chemistry, Medicinal and Computational Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design: Novel Approaches

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