The OrganoPlate 2-lane 400

OrganoPlate 2-lane

OrganoPlate 2-lane

Product no. 9603-400-B

The OrganoPlate® 2-lane 400 features two 400 micron-wide lanes in each of the 96 microfluidic culture networks on the plate. Four wells of the 384-well-plate user interface connect to each microfluidic network.Get a quote

OrganoPlate 2-lane 400 (Product no. 9603-400-B)
Features of the OrganoPlate 2-lane 400
Features of the 2-lane 400 OrganoPlate

Ordering information

The minimum order for OrganoPlates® is 5 plates. We ship worldwide.

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Supported tissue models

OrganoPlates® are microfluidic 3D culture plates, supporting up to 96 tissue models on a single plate. OrganoPlates® contain Phaseguides™, a proprietary, passive liquid handling technology for membrane-free definition of tissues in microfluidic chambers. OrganoPlates® are based on the industry-standard 384‑well plate for full compatibility with liquid handling- and readout equipment.

The OrganoPlate® 2-lane 400 supports a range of cell types, including neurons, endothelial tubules, hepatocytes, CaCo2 cells, organoids and kidney epithelial proximal tubules. This plate allows for culture in-gel, tubular culture against the gel and combinations of in-gel and tubular culture.

For more information on tissue model design in the OrganoPlate® 2-lane 400, read this.

Materials and equipment

The materials and equipment you need to work with the OrganoPlate® 2-lane 400 are listed below.

  • Cells (cell lines, primary cells, iPSC-derived cells and others)
  • Medium and standard culture materials
  • Extracellular Matrix Gel, for example Collagen I or Matrigel® (Corning®)
  • Mimetas Perfusion Rocker™ Mini (optional, please refer to the section below)
  • Pipetting reservoirs 50 ml (e.g. VWR no. 613-1183)
  • Multichannel pipette 5-350 µL (e.g. Sartorius® no. 730361)
  • Multichannel tips (e.g. Sartorius® 790351)
  • Eppendorf® Repeater® M4 Dispenser (Eppendorf® no. 4982000322)
  • Eppendorf® Combitips advanced® pipette tips Biopur® grade, 0.1 ml     
  • Sartorius® eLINE® Electronic Pipette for volumes between 0.2-10 µL (Sartorius® no. 730021)
  • Sartorius® 0.1-10 µL tips (Sartorius® no. 790010)

We will provide you with detailed instructions for use, including materials and equipment.

Do I really need a Perfusion Rocker?

We strongly advise to use a MIMETAS Perfusion Rocker™ Mini to optimally control the perfusion flow in OrganoPlates®. The Perfusion Rocker™ allows for detailed programming of an intermitting rocking action. For evaluation purposes a standard continuous rocker platform (see-saw) can be used. First check with your supplier if your rocker platform is suitable for use in cell culture incubators.

For some applications, for example neuronal cell culture, we advise not to perfuse the tissues. For these applications, a MIMETAS Perfusion Rocker™ is not required.

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