1.5mn grant for liver models

1.5mn grant for liver models

1.5mn euro grant to develop high-throughput organ-on-a-chip model for liver

In the 1.5mn euro HepaPlate™ project, MIMETAS will develop an organ-on-a-chip hepatotoxicity-screening platform for toxicological evaluation of small molecules. This innovative, high-throughput 3D liver model combines MIMETAS’s OrganoPlates® with hepatocyte organoids using Biopredic’s HepaRG hepatocytes, primary hepatocytes, Kupffer cells and stellate cells. The resulting HepaPlate™ product will be validated using a compound library with known hepatotoxicity profiles. MIMETAS is the coordinator of the project. The other partners are Biopredic International (Saint Gregoire, France) and FHNW (Prof. Laura Suter-Dick, Muttenz, Switzerland). The project is funded by the EU under the EUROSTARS program.

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