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Technology behind the MIMETAS OrganoPlate



This is how the OrganoPlate® works

The OrganoPlate® is a microfluidic 3D cell culture plate, supporting up to 96 tissue models on a single plate. Phaseguides enable precise, barrier-free definition of culture matrices and cells in 3D, supporting cell-cell interactions and unprecedented imaging and quantification.

This video demonstrates the working principles of the OrganoPlate®

Continuous perfusion without pumps and tubing

Continuous perfusion of media through the microfluidic networks in the OrganoPlate® mimics blood flow and enables exchange of nutrients, oxygen and metabolites. Our unique gravity-driven leveling technology maintains flow without the use of pumps and tubing, making the OrganoPlate® suitable for any throughput. The Perfusion Rocker™ Mini provides continuous medium flow in the OrganoPlate® with minimal settings required.

The principle of gravity-driven, pump-free perfusion in OrganoPlates®

Scalable and robust microfluidic liquid handling

Filling an OrganoPlate® is easy with a standard pipette

The PhaseGuide™ platform is arguably the most cost-effective microfluidic liquid handling platform available. Being a passive technology, no moving parts are required and plate functionality is fully programmed by its geometry. OrganoPlates® make organ-on-a-chip technology affordable and available to non-specialized end-users.

Ultimate design flexibility

The addition of culture lanes to the microchambers easily increases the complexity of the tissue models in the OrganoPlate®. Patterning additional cell types adjacent to the cell layers allows culturing of complex, non-homogeneous tissues. Application of chemical gradients or exposure to gases is supported. This flexibility is particularly useful for stem cell differentiation and cell motility studies. No other organ-on-a-chip liquid handling platform offers such flexibility combined with ease of handling.

PhaseGuide™ technology

PhaseGuides are meniscus pinning barriers that passively guide fluids in microfludic devices

The OrganoPlate® employs a unique patented liquid handling technology, called Phaseguides™. Phaseguides™ are meticulously designed meniscus pinning barriers. They enable precise, barrier-free definition of culture matrices and cells in 3D, supporting cell-cell interactions and unprecedented imaging and quantification. The OrganoPlate® is versatile, supporting chemical gradients of chemical compounds and proteins and co-culture conditions. Complex tissue models can be implemented in a straightforward way.

A reliable platform

Mimetas publications

With the OrganoPlate® you can rest assured that you will be using a proven and tested technology.

Hundreds of scientists both in academia and pharma are currently using the OrganoPlate® and publishing in high impact-factor peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Communications and Scientific Reports.

Have a look at the list of publications featuring the OrganoPlate®.

Check out this video by Roche who is using the OrganoPlate® as a new alternative way to screen drug candidates in a very early stage for efficacy and toxicity:

Start now

Starting with the OrganoPlate® is easy.

All you need is to select whether you need the 2-lane or the 3-lane model, depending whether you need an extra lane for your experiments or not.

Should you be in doubt, feel free to reach out to us and explain what you are looking to achieve. Our experts will guide you through the selection of the best model that will suit your needs.

With your purchase of the OrganoPlate® you will also get access to:

  • several robust and validated protocols
  • constant 1-on-1 support from our team should you need help to get started
  • access to exclusive resources to help you get the best out of the OrganoPlate®

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