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2021 A 3D Microfluidic Liver Model for High Throughput Compound Toxicity Screening in the OrganoPlate®., Bircsak K. et al.


2020 Development of a human primary gut-on-a-chip to model inflammatory processes., Beaurivage C. et al.

2020 Human Retinal Microvasculature‐on‐a‐Chip for Drug Discovery., Ragelle H. et al.

2020 Inducers of the endothelial cell barrier identified through chemogenomic screening in genome-edited hPSC-endothelial cells., Roudnicky F. et al.

2020 Neutrophilic infiltration in organ-on-a-chip model of tissue inflammation., Gjorevski N. et al.

2020 Metabolic response of blood vessels to TNFα., Junaid A. et al.

2020 Direct On-Chip Differentiation of Intestinal Tubules from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells., Naumovska E. et al.

2020 Robust and Scalable Angiogenesis Assay of Perfused 3D Human iPSC-Derived Endothelium for Anti-Angiogenic Drug Screening., van Duinen V. et al.

2020 An Intestine-on-a-Chip Model of Plug-and-Play Modularity to Study Inflammatory Processes., Gijzen L. et al.

2020 Standardized and Scalable Assay to Study Perfused 3D Angiogenic Sprouting of iPSC-derived Endothelial Cells In Vitro., van Duinen V. et al.

2020 Three-dimensional Brain-On-Chip Model Using Human iPSC-derived GABAergic Neurons and Astrocytes: Butyrylcholinesterase Post-Treatment for Acute Malathion Exposure., PLoS One, Lumei L. et al.

2020 Snake Venom Gland Organoids., Cell, Post Y. et al.


2019 Development of a Gut-On-A-Chip Model for High Throughput Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery., IJMS, C. Beaurivage et al.

2019 Interstitial Flow Recapitulates Gemcitabine Chemoresistance in A 3D Microfluidic Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Model by Induction of Multidrug Resistance Proteins. Int. J. Mol. Sci. B. Kramer et al.

2019 Flow stimulates drug transport in a human kidney proximal tubule-on-a-chip independent of primary cilia. BBA, J. Vriend et al.

2019 3D human microvessel-on-a-chip model for studying monocyte-to-endothelium adhesion under flow - application in systems toxicology. ALTEX. C. Poussin et al.

2019 A glomerulus-on-a-chip to recapitulate the human glomerular filtration barrier. Nature Communications. A. Petrosyan et al.

2019 Endothelial tip cells in vitro are less glycolytic and have a more flexible response to metabolic stress than non-tip cells. Scientific Reports. B. Yetkin-Arik et al.

2019 Automated microfluidic cell culture of stem cell derived dopaminergic neurons. Scientific Reports. Khalid I. W. Kane et al.

2019 Tubuloids derived from human adult kidney and urine for personalized disease modeling. Nature Biotech. Frans Schutgens et al.

2019 Differentiation of the human liver progenitor cell line (HepaRG) on a microfluidic‐based biochip. Advanced Science. Mi Jang et al.


2018 Determination of the rheological properties of Matrigel for optimum seeding conditions in microfluidic cell cultures, AIP Advances. Kane et al.

2018 3D Cultures of Parkinson's Disease‐Specific Dopaminergic Neurons for High Content Phenotyping and Drug Testing. Advanced Science, Bolognin et al.

2018 Perfused 3D angiogenic sprouting in a high-throughput in vitro platform. Angiogenesis. Van Duinen et al.

2018 A perfused human blood–brain barrier on-a-chip for high-throughput assessment of barrier function and antibody transport. Fluids Barriers CNS. Wevers et al.

2018 Nephrotoxicity and Kidney Transport Assessment on 3D Perfused Proximal Tubules. AAPS J. Vormann et al.

2018 Screening of Drug-Transporter Interactions in a 3D Microfluidic Renal Proximal Tubule on a Chip. AAPS J. Vriend et al.

2018 Combining Extracellular miRNA Determination with Microfluidic 3D Cell Cultures for the Assessment of Nephrotoxicity: a Proof of Concept Study. AAPS J. Suter-Dick et al.

2018 Mechanistic Investigations of Diarrhea Toxicity Induced by anti-HER2/3 Combination Therapy, Mol. Cancer Ther., Moisan et al.

2018 Study of melatonin-mediated effects on various hepatic inflammatory responses stimulated by IL-6 in a new HepG2-on-a-chip platform. Biomedical Microdevices. Jang et al.

2018 Acoustic Characterization of a Vessel-on-a-Chip Microfluidic System for Ultrasound-Mediated Drug Delivery. IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control. Beekers et al.

2018 Three-dimensional (3D) tetra-culture brain on chip platform for organophosphate toxicity screening. Sci Reports, Koo et al. 


2017 96 perfusable blood vessels to study vascular permeability in vitro. Sci. Reports, van Duinen et al.

2017 Therapy response testing of breast cancer in a 3D high-throughput perfused microfluidic platform. BMC Cancer, Lanz et al.

2017 Membrane-free culture and real-time barrier integrity assessment of perfused intestinal epithelium tubes. Nature Commun., Trietsch et al.

2017 An End-User Perspective on Organ-on-a-Chip: Assays and Usability Aspects. Curr. Op. Biom. Eng., Junaid et al.


2016 High-throughput compound evaluation on 3D networks of neurons and glia in a microfluidic platform. Sci. Reports, Wevers et al.

2016 Biology-inspired microphysiological system approaches to solve the prediction dilemma of substance testing. ALTEX, Marx et al.

2016 Kidney-on-a-Chip Technology for Drug-Induced Nephrotoxicity Screening. Trends in Biotech, Wilmer et al.

2015 and before

2015 Differentiation of neuroepithelial stem cells into functional dopaminergic neurons in 3D microfluidic cell culture. Lab on a Chip, Edinson et al.

2015 Microfluidic 3D cell culture: from tools to tissue models. Curr Opin Biotechnol, van Duinen et al.

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2013 Microfluidic titer plate for stratified 3D cell culture. Lab on a Chip, Trietsch et al.

2011 Phaseguides: a paradigm shift in microfluidic priming and emptying. Lab on a Chip, Vulto et al.

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