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<a href="/node/132">OrganoPlate® </a>

The OrganoPlate® 2-lane 400 (product no. 9602400B)

The OrganoPlate® is a microfluidic 3D cell culture plate, supporting up to 96 tissue models on a single plate. The OrganoPlate® is based on the industry-standard 384-well plate for full compatibility with liquid handling- and readout equipment. The plates are versatile, supporting multiple tissue designs, that can be implemented in a straightforward way.

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<a href="/node/133">OrganoPlate® Perfusion Rocker Mini</a>

The Perfusion Rocker Mini

The Perfusion Rocker™ Mini provides continuous medium flow in the OrganoPlate® with minimal settings required. Perfusion Rockers™ feature optimized time settings and programs for use with the OrganoPlate®, in contrast to standard continuous rockers. The Perfusion Rocker™ Mini accomodates 2 stacks of plates.

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<a href="/node/50">Custom model development</a>

Model development in the MIMETAS labs

We develop healthy and diseased organ models that are tailored to your needs. In close collaboration, we combine your specific biological knowledge and questions with our biological model expertise, know-how on the OrganoPlate® and assays to develop unique models for drug development and evaluation.

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