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Organ on a Chip

Organ on a Chip

Our Organ-on-a-Chip platform, the OrganoPlate®

The OrganoPlate® 2-lane 400 (product no. 9602400B)

The OrganoPlate® is a microfluidic 3D cell culture plate, supporting up to 96 tissue models on a single plate. The OrganoPlate® is based on the industry-standard 384-well plate for full compatibility with liquid handling- and readout equipment. The plates are versatile, supporting multiple tissue designs, that can be implemented in a straightforward way.

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Models in the OrganoPlate®

Tissue models in the OrganoPlate®

The MIMETAS OrganoPlate® is an excellent platform for the development of organ models, such as blood vessels, liver, gut, kidney and brain tissues. Next to the organ models, the OrganoPlate® allows co-cultures, for example endothelial cells, neurons and astrocytes to create a blood-brain barrier or endothelial cells and tumor cells to create tumor tissue models. The possibilities are endless, try the OrganoPlate® to see where your imagination takes you.

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Validated assays in the OrganoPlate®

Figure: Confocal image animation of co-culture with astrocytes and HUVECs stained by Immunohistochemistry in the OrganoPlate®.

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This how the OrganoPlate® works

The OrganoPlate® employs a unique patented liquid handling technology, called Phaseguides. Phaseguides are meticulously designed meniscus pinning barriers. They enable precise, barrier-free definition of culture matrices and cells in 3D, supporting cell-cell interactions and unprecedented imaging and quantification. OrganoPlates® are versatile, supporting chemical gradients of chemical compounds and proteins and co-culture conditions. Complex tissue models can be implemented in a straightforward way.

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This video demonstrates the working principles of the OrganoPlate®

Membrane-free tissue configurations in a 2-lane OrganoPlate®

Tissue setups in the 2-lane OrganoPlate®

In the 2-lane OrganoPlate®, 2 culture lanes can be combined to design tissues. The two-lane OrganoPlate® supports perfused tubules, perfused cells in ECM-gel and combinations.

The OrganoPlate® supports a range of (co-) culture setups to create complex tissues. This allows detailed studies of cell interactions, strongly enhanced by barrier-free co-culture. Here we show examples of model configurations in the 2-lane OrganoPlate®.

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Continuous perfusion without pumps and tubing

Continuous perfusion of media through the microfluidic networks in the OrganoPlate® mimics blood flow and enables exchange of nutrients, oxygen and metabolites. Our unique gravity-driven leveling technology maintains flow without the use of pumps and tubing, making the OrganoPlate® suitable for any throughput. The Perfusion Rocker™ Mini provides continuous medium flow in the OrganoPlate® with minimal settings required.

The principle of gravity-driven, pump-free perfusion in OrganoPlates®

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