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Organ-on-a-Chip Workshop Japan

Organ-on-a-Chip Workshop Japan

Hands-on training & in-depth lectures by experienced scientists

2-day Organ-on-a-Chip workshop

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn about 3D cell culture and model development in microfluidic platforms, directly from our experienced scientists. The workshop involves both theory and practise and you will spend a full day in the lab to seed and analyze your cultures. One expert trainer per 3 participants makes this an intensive learning experience. By attending this workshop, you will learn how to design and carry out Organ-on-a-Chip experiments using the OrganoPlate®, and introduce the technology in your lab.

The workshop is co-organized with Molecular Devices Japan.

After the training, you will receive two OrganoPlates and protocols to get you started in your own lab. 

Registration information

2-day Organ-on-a-Chip workshop organized by MIMETAS and Molecular Devices Japan

Please contact us via info-jp[at] for more info about coming workshops.

Molecular Devices Japan
7th Floor, Ichigo Nihonbashi East Bldg. 2-7-8
Nihonbashi Bakuro-cho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103-0002, Japan

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Hands-on laboratory training in:

  • Handling of cells and extracellular matrix gels for microfluidic devices
  • Establishing 3D cultures (in-gel and perfused tubules)
  • Fixation, staining and imaging of 3D cultures
  • Assays and data analysis

In-depth lectures on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Organ-on-a-Chip and the OrganoPlate®
  • Key parameters for advanced cell culture models
  • Assays and (high content) imaging of 3D cultures
  • OrganoPlate® platform and applications

Materials included in the workshop

Two OrganoPlates to start immediately in your lab
  • 2 new OrganoPlates® to take home and start immediately in your lab
  • Seminar materials and handouts
  • OrganoPlates, cells and reagents
  • Use of equipment, such as the Molecular Devices ImageXpress®Confocal High-Content Imaging System
  • Lunch on both training days
  • A workshop certificate upon successful completion

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