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Easy-to-use tissue models in OrganoPlates



Organ-on-a-chip designed with you in mind

OrganoPlates are easy to fill and maintain, manually or with a robot

The OrganoPlate® is very easy to work with, in contrast to many other microfluidic systems. Whether you want to pipette manually for optimal flexibility, or fully automated, you get excellent results in low- and high-throughput. The plates have a straightforward layout and need no special equipment, tubing or pumps. Also, the small footprint of the 384-well plate allows you to perform 100-10.000s of experiments in a standard incubators. OrganoPlates® are compatible with all high-content microscopes, standard microscopes and plate readers. The image quality is excellent, even with the latest high-end confocal laser scanning technologies.

Short learning curve

As with any new technology, there’s a learning curve. But with a couple of hours practice you will be able to create and maintain your own 3D tissue models with perfusion and co-culture in a matter of days. This is in sharp contrast to other organ-on-a-chip approaches.