ICT 2016 Merida | Mimetas

ICT 2016 Merida

ICT 2016 Merida

International Conference for Toxicology 2016

International Conference for Toxicology 2016, Meridan, Mexico

October 2 - 6, 2016, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the International Congress of Toxicology to be held for the first time in Latin America, in a city that is the gateway to the Mayan World. The Congress major theme is “Toxicology and Global Sustainability”. This meeting will offer a forum for sharing basic and applied research in Toxicology and is aimed to convene international scientists to present their results related to the exposure to toxic agents, adverse effects, mechanisms of toxicity, preventive alternatives, normativity, etc, to strengthen the science-policy interface to foster the progress towards sustainability.

MIMETAS will be represented by Jos Joore during session S04: 'In Vitro Microphysiological Systems to Predict Toxicity'. Please drop by at room Celestún at 10.30am on Monday, October 3.

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