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3rd PREDiCT:3D Models Summit Boston

3rd PREDiCT:3D Models Summit Boston

Enhancing Predictive Confidence of Models-Based Discovery & Development

3rd PREDiCT:3D Models Summit Boston 2018

August 21 - 23, Boston, MA, United States

The 3rd PREDiCT:3D Models Summit (previously 3D Tissue Models) will continue to showcase disruptive preclinical strategies utilizing advanced in vitro models across target ID, compound discovery, safety assessment, ADMET studies and more. The event provides a forum that unites stakeholders to openly explore the variety of 3D models now at our fingertips and overcome the remaining translational, organizational and development barriers to use.

Representing the continued investment of biopharma into the area, this year over 36 speakers from more than 30 pharma, academia, government and model development organizations have committed to present. The summit will drill into case studies across discovery and development areas to enable you to determine the practicality of 3D models in optimizing your therapeutic pipeline.

During this summit Mimetas will be represented by Paul Vulto, Mimetas' Managing Director and Co-Founder. Feel free to drop by Paul's presentation entitled: Accelerate Drug Discovery With Organ-on-a-Chip: the Mimetas Playbook on Wednesday August 23, at 15:00 (Discovery Track: Accelerating Target & Phenotypic Based Discovery).

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